Kitchen Remodel Cost

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When it comes to renovating your kitchen, the cost is always a concern. It’s critical to consider the value of something when making a decision about price. It’s useful to consider both the advantages you’ll get from the remodel as well as looking at the process itself when weighing costs.

In this full guide, I go over everything, so let’s get started.

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Average Cost To Remodel A Kitchen
The Value Of A Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen Cost, A Birds-Eye-View
Avoiding Shady Kitchen Remodeling Contractors
The Dream Home Creators Difference
Budget Breakdown For Your Kitchen Remodel
Solving Most Pressing Issues
Cost of Typical Kitchen Elements
Decreasing Costs For Your Remodel
Frequently Asked Questions
A Licensed And Insured Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Average Cost To Remodel A Kitchen

On the internet, you’ll discover misleading “average” renovation expenses all of the time. You definitely won’t find a $6,000 full kitchen remodel.

I believe it’s critical to obtain local knowledge from specialists that are relevant to your needs. A well-informed client is a smart client.

We strongly advocate being upfront with pricing so that clients may have a full picture of the situation and prepare better. One of our fundamental principles at Dream Home Creators Remodeling is transparency in terms of pricing.

So I’ll try to approach the issue of cost from a variety of perspectives – from the size of the kitchen and various hidden expenses to the value you’re getting from the process.

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The Value Of A Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to value, remodeling your kitchen will create an environment that you can enjoy daily for years to come. It can also help you sell your home easier when the right time comes.

In the Remodeling’s 2021 Cost vs Value report  for a midrange kitchen remodel there’s a 48.6% return on investment when selling homes. A minor remodel will get you back almost 60% of your investment. What may seem like an expense, at first sight, comes back tenfold when you look through the lens of how it impacts your day-to-day.

It’s also the renovation that has the highest joy score reported by the National Association of Realtors. A solid ten. 95% of the survey respondends said they have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home.

Kitchen Cost, A Birds-Eye-View

When you begin planning your kitchen renovation, you should know it’s typical to spend between 7-15% of the home’s value on remodeling work. If you own a $300,000 home, you can budget between $21 and $45K for your kitchen upgrade without losing too much of its resale value.

Besides the look you- want and your favorite appliances, there are many things that factor into a kitchen remodel involves.

I’ll explain all of these in the article below.

Get your personalized kitchen remodel estimate

Because there are so many variables involved in a kitchen remodel, I highly advise getting an exact quote for your unique project.

Get your Estimate

Avoiding Shady Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

A kitchen remodeling project is more than just paying for materials and labor. Here are some of the hidden costs that you may not be aware of, and some of the issues you should be prepared for. When looking to get your kitchen contractor, be sure to talk about all these things with them and make sure they’re on top of them.


Unexpected Issues In Your Walls

Sometimes, a kitchen remodel means repainting the walls and adding in new appliances and cabinets. But more often than not, there are hidden issues that we happen to find only once we’re deep into the job. For example, taking down a sink can reveal water damage you didn’t know you had, mold, structural issues, and electrical damage, to name a few. That’s why it’s important that your contractor not only makes your kitchen beautiful, but inspects every inch to identify and repair any issues. If, at any point, they suggest bungled repairs or avoiding the issue altogether, you’ll know you’ll need to find another contractor.


Budgeting, Materials, And The Real Cost Of Everything

Let’s be honest, we all love discounts and low prices, right? The caveat with a kitchen remodel estimate that sounds too good to be true is that it probably is. I wouldn’t call it a rule, but it’s generally accurate that a higher price means you get better work. Why? Well, I pay my team more because I want them to give their best at work and not worry about their overdue bills or health insurance. We constantly train ourselves so we can be on top of every trend and technique there is. We use top-of-the-line tools that allow us to provide a finer end result. All of these things cost money, and, in the end, they mean you will get the absolute best service there is, because we give 100% at the job.

So if you get a too-good-to-be-true estimate, you should always ask yourself (and your contractor) why the price is that low and how does that translate into the quality of the work they’ll provide, the materials, the attention to detail. Make sure they’re not cutting corners and rushing your remodel to get to another one.


Permits And Paperwork

A reputable contractor will take care of permits for the job, and the cost of the permits will be included in your quote. If your contractor isn’t getting a permit, you, as the homeowner, are responsible for getting them – and paying some extra money while having a planning committee inspect the work. In case the job isn’t up-to-code, they might even tear it up, so getting a permit for your kitchen remodel is a must.


Protecting Your Home And Keeping It Clean

Sure, you’re simply remodeling the kitchen, but other rooms of your home will be affected too, one way or another. You’ll have to move things around, people will move in and out, there’s going to be dust and debris, and your home will be in disarray for a few days. That’s why it’s important to make sure your contractor protects any areas of your home that won’t be under construction. We apply protecting sheets (and tape) on your furniture, windows, doors, and keep the dust to a minimum by always cleaning the work site. And once your remodel is complete, we’ll have our professional cleaners come in and leave the kitchen spotless and ready for you to use right away.


Things You'll Want But Didn't Budget For

Now that your kitchen is complete and cleaned up, you can’t wait to use it. But as you take things out of boxes and start organizing your cabinets, you notice your pots are old and beaten up, your dishes don’t quite match your new kitchen’s style, and your cutting board has seen better days. Because everything around you is new and shiny, you’ve suddenly raised your standards, which leads to another shopping spree you didn’t account for. When thinking of your kitchen remodel, put aside some money for little details like these. It’s much more comfortable to spend money you’ve already budgeted .

Contractors Red Flags

There are many challenges in finding a contractor for any job. Sometimes, you may have the impression they can take on your project at any cost because of their low price point but this is often not true – instead, ask them questions to figure out why the price is so low.

From my experience, more often than not, a low price will have you end up hiring another contractor to step in and fix the problem or you may just end up with a bathroom you’re not really happy with.

The Dream Home Creators Difference

Perhaps we’re a little bit more expensive because we know what we’re doing. You’re also getting complete peace of mind before, during, and after working with us.

Here are two benefits that set us apart.

You're In Charge The Whole Time

When your remodel is complete, we’ll do a comprehensive walkthrough together to verify that we didn’t overlook anything. You have three days following our service to conduct your own detailed inspection and determine whether everything is satisfactory. You can contact us anytime with comments.

We’ll also check in on you every 6 months to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your bathroom remodel.

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Follow-up And Our Warranty

We offer one of the highest warranties locally for the services provided. Because I’m a firm believer that a job should be done right on the first go, you benefit from a 5-year labor and systems warranty. Besides that, you also benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty on materials.

If something happens that is within our control and covered by the warranty and contract, we’ll come in and repair it for free.

See our complete process and how it benefits you.

Budget Breakdown For Your Kitchen Remodel

Let’s take a look at the cost breakdown, which is based on data from the National Kitchen & Bath Association. This breakdown is only a suggestion since each job is different and costly wildly differ on the options chosen.

chart kitchen remodel costs

If you’ve ever wondered “What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?” know that it’s the cabinetry and hardware.

Below is a table of how the breakdown looks based on a basic, advanced and a high-end kitchen remodel.

Item % of Job Basic Average High-End
Design fees 4% $2,200 $3,000 $4,000
Installation 17% $9,350 $12,750 $17,000
Appliances and ventilation 14% $7,700 $10,500 $14,000
Cabinetry and hardware 29% $15,950 $21,750 $29,000
Countertops 10% $5,500 $7,500 $10,000
Lighting 5% $2,750 $3,750 $5,000
Flooring 7% $3,850 $5,250 $7,000
Doors and windows 4% $2,200 $3,000 $4,000
Walls and ceilings 5% $2,750 $3,750 $5,000
Faucets and plumbing 4% $2,200 $3,000 $4,000
Other 1% $550 $750 $1,000
Total 100 $55,000 $75,000 $100,000
chart solving issues

Solving Most Pressing Issues

Although we can’t help you obtain the funds necessary to start the project we can help with the other 3 most important concerns our clients have:

Because we have the experience, I’ll make sure we set out the appropriate times to consult you on all of your choices.

Because we know how distressing it can be to have strangers roam around the home and an unusable kitchen, we make it a top priority to give you your kitchen in its transformed state as soon as possible.

And when it comes to people, you have all of my support. I take full responsibility for my crews and the labor they do. I’m just as invested in your project as you are.

If this sounds like something you’d want, please fill out this quote form and let’s get started on your project today!

Decreasing Costs For Your Remodel

There are two main ways you can save money on your kitchen remodel:

From my experience, I highly recommend against the second option. This is one of those things that breaks my heart. We occasionally get clients that had their project underbid and they were happy with the choice but had the contractor bail on them or even worse, do a bad job.

You end up paying twice for something that appeared as a saved cost at first. There’s a reason why serious contractors will charge you accordingly. Licenses, insurance, paying employees and subs a fair wage, paying for marketing, and many other things go into it. So whenever we talk about price, rest assured I take full responsibility for the job.

frustration diy remodel

When it comes to DIY I think it’s a great option if you like to tinker with things and are generally handy. The only caveat I see here is experience. In a remodeling job, quality installation and attention to the finer details are key.

A seemingly innocent side project might become a drawn-out and vexing experience. We all have our own areas of expertise and specialty.

Before you decide on anything, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions.

I don’t intend to frighten you. This is presented with all of my love. From both homeowners and low-cost contractors, I’ve seen a lot of jobs go wrong.

In the end, homeowners always end up spending more money to repair things while losing time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a kitchen remodel increase home value?

You should anticipate to recoup 40-70% of your investment. A kitchen makeover, on average, becomes outdated in approximately 15 years. Sell within the next 10 years if you want to get as much money back on your investment as possible.

Now if we’re talking about personal value and the value that it brings to your life, a kitchen remodel is the top choice in remodeling. According to the National Association of Realtors, a kitchen remodel has a joy score of 10. The better functionality and livability it brings to your home are unmatched.

How much should you spend on a kitchen?

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association‘s 2021 design trends study, the average mean for a medium sized kitchen is around $40,000. It’s not uncommon for a large kitchen with a full workout to pass the $100K mark.

It’s also in line with what we’re seeing throughout the surrounding areas. See our kitchen remodel service page for other insights.

How much is a typical kitchen remodel?

At Dream Home Creators Remodeling for a basic kitchen remodel that includes refacing existing cabinets or installing new kitchen cabinets, countertops, lights, plumbing fixtures, and a new tile backsplash costs around $35K.

An average kitchen remodeling that includes installing semi-custom cabinets, changing out old lightings, upgrading your appliances and countertops, and installing a new tile backsplash will cost around $65K.

You can expect to pay upward of $90K for a high-end kitchen remodel. With bespoke cabinetry, high-quality quartz worktops, premium tile backsplash, and unique lighting arrangement, you may completely change the look of your kitchen.

The cost of a kitchen remodeling project can vary based on the size of your kitchen and the choices you make regarding enhancements and materials. You’ll be given a precise estimate for your unique kitchen renovation project after our in-home consultation. See the full process here.

How much does a kitchen and bathroom renovation cost?

For an average K&B remodel you can expect to pay upward of $100K. There are some costs savings and benefits to getting both your kitchen and bathroom remodeling done with the same company.

If you’d like to dive deeper, you can read the full guide I wrote about bathroom remodel costs.

Can you remodel a kitchen for $5000?

Yes. If you’re looking to do a lot of DIY, purchase stock cabinetry and aren’t looking to do major appliance upgrades it’s possible. I warmly recommend at least hiring a plumber for any plumbing work.

How much does a kitchen remodel increase home value?

According to Remodels’ Cost vs. Value report , a major upscale kitchen remodel will increase the resale value by almost $65K. For other averages please see the table below.

Project Type Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Minor Kitchen Remodel | Midrange $23,817 $14,140 59.4%
Major Kitchen Remodel | Midrange $69,618 $33,801 48.6%
Major Kitchen Remodel | Upscale $144,328 $64,783 44.9%

How long does a kitchen renovation take?

The typical duration in the industry is 8 weeks. At Dream Home Creators Remodeling I set out to get homeowners their homes back in 3 weeks from the moment everything was agreed upon and the contract was signed.